Our passion is to help our little furry friends

House Call / Home Services

We understand that sometimes time gets ahead of us, therefore we are available for your calls to visit and check your pet in the comfort of your home.

Pet Pharmacy

Veterinary diagnostic imaging includes radiographs (x-rays).

Pet Microchip

Veterinary diagnostic imaging includes radiographs (x-rays).

Breeding Services

Our commitment is to provide knowledgeable, professional, and punctual veterinary medical advice and services to breeders. We can also provide diagnostics and treatments for reproductive diseases in dogs and cats, as well as aide in the improvement of breeding programs.

Pet Boarding

When you want to go away on vacation or a business trip, and it is hard to take your pet with you but you want to leave them in safe hands, that’s when we come in! Your pet can board with us and we will take care of them.


Internal parasites make your pet sick, leading to health issues including vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, and malnutrition and heart problems, we provide deworming services to make your pet feel alright.

Pet One-Stop Shop

Veterinary diagnostic imaging includes radiographs (x-rays).

Pet Accessories

Veterinary diagnostic imaging includes radiographs (x-rays).

Veterinary Consultations

Consultation is very important for your pet, it helps to check your pet on regular basis to avoid long-term un treatable problems.

Laboratory Examinations

Equipped with the highest of quality laboratory equipment and devices, our laboratory is one of the most advanced veterinary laboratories in the Kingdom of Bahrain.