Bahrain Veterinary Centre Company W.L.L. is a private multidisciplinary veterinary entity serving both local clienteles through its pharmacy and clinic services under one roof. It is one of the inevitable veterinary companies of the country which owned by the Almadhoob group.Tracing back over 100 years ago, the family business as founded by the late Ali Almadhoob, initiated and was involved in agriculture. Initial interests grew over raising poultry and dairy production because it is the main market in the food industry as we see today.

In March 1994, Bahrain Veterinary Centre was formed. Starting the business from selling biologics and antibiotics intended for large animals and poultry producers; gradually expanding its business fortitude, hiring even more experienced veterinarians to deal with in the technical and medical aspect of the business. At the present, the company staff now includes specialized veterinary doctors dealing mainly with poultry, equine, large animals, pet animals and birds, the pharmacy in-charge dispensing biologics and antibiotics, technicians specially trained for any veterinary medical related circumstances, and professional groomers for pets’ fashion.

Bahrain Veterinary Centre Company W.L.L. also provide consulting veterinary medical services to the public starting from poultry producers, equine fanatics and its respective stables, up to pet animal and bird aficionados across the country. The centre is also the house for laboratory services which then offer increased benefit to the success of treatment of specific clinical conditions of animals being submitted.

Bahrain Veterinary Centre, or so BVC, assumes local responsibility to customers to meet the cornerstone of the global standard of the economy. It is situated along the heart of Budaiya highway, Maqabah, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain Veterinary Centre envisions on promoting sound animal health care, seeing the results locally and attaining a big global impact to the economy.

Bahrain Veterinary Centre is committed to the mission of helping the local people from farmers to horse aficionados and pet animal lovers attain the medical needs of their animals through provision of biologics, antibiotics, supplements, and veterinary medical consultation services together with its state of the art and highly advanced laboratory set up for the accurate treatment of diseases.

Vision and Mission driven values instilled among each staff through ethics, teamwork, innovation and training, enthusiasm, integrity and consistency, recognition and continuous improvement.

Team Members

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